1. Application for Sponsors and Exhibitors

In order to be considered as a Sponsor and/or for the Exhibition, an application form must be completed and submitted either through email or via the application portal (see details on the submission section) before the deadline. However, mailing or submitting the Application Form to the conference organizers does not constitute a formal agreement that the Sponsor/Exhibitor will be accepted. Contractual Conditions are constituted only after the organizers have sent written confirmation of acceptance to the Sponsor/ Exhibitor. In case of acceptance, Sponsors/Exhibitors will be bound by the Terms and Conditions for Sponsors & Exhibitors. The conference organizers reserve the right to refuse any application to sponsor/exhibit without giving cause. Exhibition space is allotted according to the terms and conditions as listed in the Information for Sponsors & Exhibitors. Sponsors should note that they are responsible for all costs associated with their sponsored exhibitors except the lunch coupon for a maximum of two people and the booth/table.


  1. Obligations and Rights of the Exhibitor

Exhibition booths/tables may only be used for exhibiting and advertising the Exhibitor’s own products, materials or services as described in the application form. Advertising materials may be distributed only within the confines of the booth/table. The partial or complete subleasing or otherwise relinquishing of a booth/table to a third party, as well as private agreements for switching booths/tables or floor space between two exhibitors is prohibited. The conference organizers reserve the right to enter any booth at any time. Booths/tables need to be occupied during exhibition hours (8am-6pm). The exhibition halls are to be used only during regular opening hours.


  1. Obligations and Rights of the conference organizers

The conference organizers reserve the right to revise the time and location of the exhibition or to shorten the duration of the exhibition. Any change regarding the time and duration of the exhibition does not entitle the sponsor/exhibitor to cancel the contract nor to request a fee reduction or to put forward a claim for damages incurred by these changes. However, where these changes are necessary, they will be communicated to the exhibitors well in advance.


  1. Set-up of exhibition booths/tables

To ensure the smooth running of the conference, Sponsors/Exhibitors must obey all directives and instructions of the organizers regarding the use of booths/tables, their decoration, the use of self-designed and self-constructed booths/tables, and the fitting and furnishings of the booths. Before setting up their booths I displays / installations, Exhibitors must first contact the organizers and reconfirm placement of the booth/tables as well as inform themselves of any special regulations relating to their booth/tables. Booths/tables must be set up and completed during the timeframe designated. An Exhibitor or advertising company contracted by the Exhibitor who wishes to set up a booth/table or exhibit of their own set up should liaise with the conference organizers for guidance. The organizers reserve the right to demand changes in such booths or exhibits should safety regulations, technical requirements, or the responsibility of preserving or obtaining the best possible overall image for the exhibition, as judged by the organizers, so require.

  1. Maintenance of booths and exhibition area

Sponsors/Exhibitors are responsible for the proper care of the exhibition space. Hired booths/tables and furnishings must be returned in an acceptable condition and in an orderly way. To avoid scratches and furrows on floors as the result of sliding heavy packing cases, exhibitors are required to use protective coverings. Exhibitors and their shipping agents (for exhibitors especially coming in from outside Uganda), on specific orders from the exhibitor, must take special care when transporting heavy packing cases and heavy loads. Empty containers and packing materials must be disposed of at the exhibitor’s expense before the start of the exhibition; cleaning the booth/table area is the Exhibitor’s responsibility.

  1. Dismantling of booths

The Exhibitor must dismantle the booth within the allotted time and return hired furnishings on time. Upon leaving, the Exhibitor must clear the booth/exhibition area. Stored materials, empty containers and packing materials must be disposed of.

  1. Payments:

Please refer to the terms of payment as given in the Information to Sponsors & Exhibitors (Exhibition fees).